Partial Derivative Calculator - Ordinary & Partial Differentiation

This (partial) derivative calculator is for computing ordinary derivatives of one-variable functions and partial derivatives of multi-variable functions with respect to any of their independent variables.

A partial derivative calculator is a derivative calculator that calculates the derivatives of a function with respect to any of its independent variables.

If a function has only one independent variable, its derivatives are called ordinary derivatives (with respect to that variable). If a function has multiple independent variables, its derivatives are called partial derivatives with respect to a specified variable.

To use this ordinary and partial derivative calculator:

  • Type in a function F with any number of arbitrary variables and also a variable in the boxes provided and press the Calculate Derivative button.
  • The ordinary or the partial derivative of the function with respect to the specified variable will be displayed in a newly added panel. You can also then calculate the ordinary or partial derivatives of higher orders of the derived functions or of their primitives with respect to any variable by proceeding as above on the relevant panel.
  • The label, e.g., Fxy means (partial) derivative of the functions F with respect to x and then with respect to y.

You can close any panel by pressing x.

In addition to calculating derivatives of functions, you can use the derivative graphing calculator to graph the first & second order derivatives of a single-variable function.

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