Complex Matrix Calculator - Linear System Solver

Complex matrix calculator for performing matrix operations and solving systems of linear equations by Gauss-Jordan elimination. All matrices can be complex matrices.

Note: One interface for all matrices. This innovative complex matrix solver deploys one single interface which can be used to enter multiple matrices including augmented matrices representing simultaneous linear systems of equations.


A complex matrix calculator is a matrix calculator that is also capable of performing matrix operations with matrices that any of their entries contains an imaginary number, or in general, a complex number. Such a matrix is called a complex matrix.

Apart from matrix addition & subtraction and matrix multiplication, you can use this complex matrix calculator to perform matrix algebra by evaluating matrix expressions like A + ABC - inv(D), where matrices can be of any 'mxn' size.

Moreover, for 'mxm' square matrices like 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 matrices you can use this matrix solver to calculate

  • matrix determinant
  • matrix inverse
  • matrix adjugate

Additionally, compute matrix rank, matrix reduced row echelon form, upper & lower triangular forms and transpose of any matrix.

This augmented matrix calculator works seamlessly with linear systems of equations and solves linear systems with augmented matrices which can be complex matrices too.

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